Ptuj Scoops European Smell Award


Ptuj has beaten off international competition to win top prize at this year’s Golden Nose of Montreugh.

Slovenia’s oldest town scooped the award for Europe’s Most Inappropriately Smelly Tourist Attraction.

Despite fierce competition judges pronounced the giblet-tainted town a clear winner after dining on the Ribič restaurant terrace during a battle to reduce 800,000 sets of poultry organs to a relatively waterless slurry at the chicken factory a few hundred metres away across the river.

Ptuj took awards in other categories including Best Meat Pizza Using the Washing Line Process, and Funniest Dead-Animal-Based Wine Tasting. 

Judges heard how tourists usually sampled local wines underground to avoid having their senses overwhelmed.

Ptuj tourism experts smell success.  “Our funky smell is really putting Ptuj on the map,” said local Deutschesgruppeneintagdurchwanderenunddannschnellfluchenauf guide Lidija Glaser. 

The kudos of receiving the Golden Nose was well worth the money, she told reporters. 

“Thanks to recognition for the work we do in pong-based travel we are now selling our expertise to other inappropriately stinky holiday destinations, including sewage-and-petrochemical wildlife haven Canvey Island in Essex, and a Portuguese fish-gutting village with a bone from St Paul’s foot.”



The internet does not support the transmission of smells.  However you could visit your nearest rendering plant to see what it smells like.  Click here to support Environmental Non-Tourism and Environmental Non-Investment. Choose any Slovenian business expert to explain that you don't want to go to Ptuj if it smells of chewed-up chicken shit, boiled bones, ground gizzards, broken beaks, fetid feet and lingering litter. Which it does. Click here now to self-select one email address at random and write a brief note explaining that you won't be coming. Everyone in Slovenia will hear about your message within a week.