HN51 bird flu has turned out to be a good way for Big Chicken to clean up the competition and cut out that pesky, uneconomical free range nonsense.

With the risk of disease outbreaks in intensive agriculture so high, it makes sense to increase your chances by not keeping all your assets in one place.

The bird farms may be distributed but the waste processing is centralised.

This might have made sense, if it had been centralised somewhere else.

And not next to the country's most charming medieval town.

Originally this was done so they could just pump it into the beautiful River Drava.

Lately this industry's waste disposal systems have started to involve tons of greenwash.  

The Ptuj company's website describes the production cycle without mentioning the waste at all.  

You can see it's a cycle because it's round, right?

At the same time production is "vertically integrated".  

Which means?  The bosses live up on the hill, and the lucky peasants get Bumcrack City.

You can get to some more data on pollution from poultry waste processing here:



The internet does not support the transmission of smells.  However you could visit your nearest rendering plant to see what it smells like.  Click here to support Environmental Non-Tourism and Environmental Non-Investment. Choose any Slovenian business expert to explain that you don't want to go to Ptuj if it smells of chewed-up chicken shit, boiled bones, ground gizzards, broken beaks, fetid feet and lingering litter. Which it does. Click here now to self-select one email address at random and write a brief note explaining that you won't be coming. Everyone in Slovenia will hear about your message within a week.